musical affairs grand crescendo speakers by hans kortenbach

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musical affairs paul speakers Grand Crescendo Coax SAG - Zebrano1hans kortenbach outdid himself again. this time, for my good friend and audiophile, paul. please see the picture of hans’s latest musical affairs grand crescendo speakers using 30 mm PHY drivers.

musical affairs speakers are made one at a time and take a few months to build a pair. these speakers are totally handmade. the cabinets are lighter than the drivers. when you play the music and touch the speakers, you can feel the resonance, similar to the way a musical instrument like cello or violin would feel. this helps the break in process and as time passes, you will just love your speakers more and feel they are even more custom made for you.

3 responses to “musical affairs grand crescendo speakers by hans kortenbach”

  1. I think we have a better foto of hans in his garden surrounded by his fine speakers
    if you like it we send it by Email.
    on this verry moment we are making a video of hans and his speakers .
    and about two weeks on visit france filming mister bernard salabert
    we the film is ready hans will let you know

    fritz de with recording /balance engineer sts digital

  2. Paul Sagerman says:

    Thank you for posting my beautiful speaker! It is sounding magnificent with my Wavac 300B and EMM digital source. I will pass these on to my first-born son (if I ever have one).
    Best wishes,
    Paul in Tucson

  3. Hello;
    I live in the USA [iNDIANA]….QUESTION:

    1. Can I purchase a pair of the Crescendo loudspeaker in USA?(If so, what is the price)?
    2. If not…can one just purchase the “speaker box alone” and have a pair shipped?


    Michael Headley

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