SORAsound Represents Raidho Speakers of Denmark

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Love of Denmark, love of speakers, love of great sound. Adding to our great lineup of speakers that includes Musical Affairs of The Netherlands by my dear friend, Hans Kortenbach, and AMAZON Audio of Germany created by Hartmut Janssen, we are now representing Raido speakers. We will be posting more info in the products page. For the time being, drool over the pictures.

We took note of Raidho through high praise from our friends at Nordost Corporation. Raidho speakers are a great match for the amplifiers from LAMM Industries  and Jeff Rowland Design Group. In fact, Jeff Rowland has been very impressed with their sound and has demonstrated his equipment with Raidho in some shows.

A few phone calls, some discussions, and a couple of auditions at the RMAF 2011 in Denver, set our heart on these beauties. Please call for details and better yet, make an appointment to check out these beauties.


Musical Affairs Grand Duettos in Pommele

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One more delighted customer, one more work of art from Hans Kortenbach of Musical Affairs. These beautiful Grand Duettos are the latest model of Musical Affairs top line speakers. They are custom made in Pommele.

This year we have been lucky enough to have placed some speakers in great homes. So, we can arrange for you to listen to Musical Affairs in multiple locations in North America. For enquiries please contact SORAsound.

Those who follow my blog and SORAsound NEWS, know that I have set up my own Musical Affairs Grand Crescendos with all DaVinci Audio Labs electronics, turntable and grand reference cartridge as well as Nordost cables. The digital line is EMM Labs and 47 Lab.

AMAZON Audio Introduces New Speakers

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My good friend Hartmut Janssen of AMAZON Audio is introducing his new speakers at the Munich Hi-End show. These speakers are a gem and sound great. Did I say they look stunning too? Same elegance as in AMAZON Audio turntables. SORAsound will be the first distributor to receive a pair. Please check out the details of AMAZON AMT One speakers.

Hans Kortenbach Outdone Himself Again

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Just received my new Musical Affairs Grand Crescendo speakers. Hans Kortenbach has outdone himself again. This is the latest and greatest model with improved internal bracing. A beauty. These speaker are hand made and do look handmade, like a beautifully made musical instrument.

SORA played Lady Gaga this morning. He and I like Lady Gaga for different reasons (who knows maybe some of the same). SORA agreed that my music system composed of DaVinci Audio, Nordost Cables, Harmonic Resolution Systems custom made rack, 47 Lab Flatfish, and EMM Labs‘ great digital equipment sounds better than his Macbook. Now as fathers and audiophiles, we should all yearn for such seal of approval.

Please read more on Musical Affairs, and watch Hans on YouTube.

flying to amsterdam

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i had promised hans kortenbach (musical affairs speakers) to visit him for his 70th birthday which is a couple of weeks from now (but he will be on a trip then). so i am flying to amsterdam today. a good dutch friend of mine will pick me up from my hotel in the morning to drive to hans’s home which is about 60 kilometers from amsterdam.

despite having never met in person, hans kortenbach and i have developed a strong friendship. a few years ago when i was not selling many of his speakers, i told him maybe he should find a new distributor in north america. but hans told me that he likes and trusts me and wants to keep me. aside, he said he makes such a limited amount that my lack of sales is not an issue! i have done better since then.

amsterdam is dear to my heart. many years ago, i had lived in amsterdam for about year, in the rembrandtplein area. i had a small loft right in the corner of kaiserstraat and utrechtsestraat. my phone number was a very easy to remember (i forgot) number like 242-242222.