musical affairs speakers

March 21, 2004 :: Tags: , , :: 2 Comments

hans kortenbach asked SORAsound to become north american distributor for musical affairs speakers of the netherlands. these speakers are hand made. you can tell it is an artisan who makes them….same way a good violin or a cello is made. the artisan behind these beautiful looking and sounding speakers (auris, crescendo) is hans kortenbach. given the low sales, mehran offered his resignation a few times with no luck. hans always said that he can not produce much anyways and that he trusts us and our capability. the good word of mouth has helped us a lot and mehran now thinks hans is one pretty smart guy for believing in our success.

2 responses to “musical affairs speakers”

  1. Teddy Ray says:

    Prices for the Musical Affairs speakers?

  2. mehran says:

    hi teddy. prices start from $10,000. i can email you the price list if interested. also, i will try to have the price list posted on thanks.