shelter phono cartridges

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tomorrow i will be receiving a shelter 9000, a shelter 7000, a shelter 901, and a shelter 501 cartridge. not bad for SORAsound’s start in the world of shelter phono cartridges.

SORAsound gallery, and AMAZON audio / wavac showroom

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art amazon room akahori maki has sent me some of her latest works. this week, i will be installing them in the showroom downstairs and post some pictures. we have many fine items in the showroom downstairs including amazon referenz turntable, triplanar tonearm, graham tonearm, zyx atmos, lyra scala, lyra dorian mono, shelter 9000, wavac 805 amplifiers, zyx artisan (to be replaced with tom evans phono stage), 47 labs dac and flatfish transport, wadia cd player, emm sacd, all xlo cables, and everything on finite elemente pagode master reference series stands. soon we will be adding a few more products in this showroom. stay tuned.