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We are happy to see that The Audio Beat declared our room as Best of Show at RMAF 2011 held a few days ago. This is to a great part thanks to our friends at Volti Audio with their amazing horn speakers as well as DSA line stage and phono stage. My dear friend Ming of GOTO USA arranged the room and took care of lots of things. I can not thank him enough.

SORAsound showed AMAZON REFERENZ, Moerch DP8 tonearm, and ZYX Omega cartridge. The sound was great. Personally, I do not think we went out of our way to make the room sound good. In general, I am not so keen on shows. I mainly look forward to meet customers in person.

Given that, I spend a lot of time outside our own room, meeting manufacturers, checking out other products, and meeting customers I have talked to on the phone or emailed with but had never met in person. During this time my friend Hans Henrik Moerch and his wife, Benedikte stayed in the room all the time, taking care of the analog rig, and explaining their tonearm to visitors.  Hans Henrik is a perfectionist and very detailed oriented. Seen in this picture he is adjusting his poster, making sure it is straight. By the same token when he makes tonearms, not only he checks them out under light many times for consistency, he checks them under sun shine too!

Thanks again to the great team we had at RMAF and to The Audio Beat for their recognition of our room.



ZYX Cartridges – All New Pricing, Back to Sanity!

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Thanks to the support of our customers, SORAsound is back to distributing ZYX cartridges again. Our costs have gone up much higher. Weak dollar and strong yen are hiring us bad. But we have introduced all new retail prices for ZYX to gain your business. They are all below Japan retail prices!

How could it be possible? Well, we are cutting our own profit. In fact, in some cases our margin is less than half of a dealer (yes, you read it right, a dealer, not a distributor) representing some competing brands.

The two years that SORAsound was not representing ZYX Co, prices of ZYX cartridges rocketed up, retailing from $1,000 to $16,000. ZYX Omega retailed up to $8,300. Gold coil had a premium of up to $1,100. ZYX mono cartridges had a significant premium over their stereo siblings.

Now, for the same models, we have the following pricing:

  • $795 to $9,995. For details please see (ZYX North American Retail Prices).
  • Copper, silver, and gold coils are priced equally.
  • Mono versions cost 30% under (yes, below) their stereo siblings.

Essentially we have done our best to offer prices as close to what we used to offer (factoring in our extra costs and the exchange rate).

We are also offering generous trade-in, trade-up, and MOVE-to-ZYX packages. For further detail, please contact SORAsound.

ZYX Warranty, Grey Market — Important Note

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Please note that ZYX cartridges carry a one year non-transferable direct manufacturer’s warranty when purchased from an authorized distributor or dealer. We have seen un-authorized individuals or businesses claiming to sell new cartridges (at times claiming warranty). Please be cautious.

We are aware of altered serial numbers, used cartridges sold as “new in box,” and downright damaged cartridges. If you have doubts, please ask for the serial number first and let us know. We can provide appropriate information for you such as the date of manufacture, country where warranty is valid, if at all.

ZYX – Welcome Back. We Love you.

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SORAsound welcomes back ZYX.

We are delighted to be representing ZYX, Co. in North America and Mexico. Please wait for further information regarding product descriptions, pricing, dealer requests, etc.

For the time being, let us open the champagne, and wait for the best ZYX has to offer.

Special gratitude also to customers who have always supported SORAsound. We love you.

Mehran, Nami and SORA.

your warm thoughts

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dear friends, i have been reading your warm and kind thoughts on audiogon (now removed from their website), audio asylum, and other sites. all, i can say is THANKS.

your support has helped us be strong and see the path forward. for that we are forever indebted to you.

so many of you have written to us that when a door closes, another opens.  a good friend/customer of mine from new orleans wrote “there is no way stopping the sun rise every day.”

so, thanks to you, we look forward to the sun rise each day; and we think of the open doors, and the great friends you have been to us.

i also want to emphasize that we bear no ill will against ZYX. we wish ZYX the best and thank hisayoshi nakatsuka san for the opportunity he gave us to work with ZYX and meet you.

nakatsuka san is a special person to us and has his place in our heart. frankly, this of course has made the current situation so much more difficult for us. at the end of the day, nakatsuka san is a good person and a skilled cartridge maker who has contributed tremendously to the analog world. for these, i will always recognize and respect him.